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How to Create Free WebSite

  Gopal Pramanik      

Hello Everyone I'm Gopal Pramanik. we discuss free domain Free Hosting & Free Web Designing Tools After learning this article. You can create your own website for free This is a very simple way to create a website. we'll use for Free Domain & Hosting Which is already opened This website provides Free Subdomain & Free Hosting We'll develop the website by using its free subdomain and free web hosting.

build your website for free

  how to make a website for free

 First I have to register here. I have to submit my email id And here have to create a password After filling in the details have to submit. Now you'll receive a confirmation email Which has to confirm by clicking the link Here. I have received an email from I have to confirm by clicking on Activate Account Now. our account has activated And nowhere. I have to click on Create New Account here. are two options for creating a subdomain Here have to choose anyone For example, I'm selecting here. entering "my demo" for creating URL But it's not available. Then here I'm entering "pagalawara". Now it's showing that is available.

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 This is my free Subdomain If you don't like the free domain And want to use your own prodomain. Then you can enter here by following Custom Domain Now. we'll use the free domain for demo purpose I'll use Now have to submit here. Then finally friends domain name has been created which will take some time to get activated. we can check by clicking on Manage Here is my username listed and in status showing Creating. Then have to refresh the page after some time I have refreshed the page Now.  my account status showing as "active" and my main domain is We can see this by clicking here.

how to create a website free of cost

 This is the default page of the website That means my domain and hosting is active Now. can create the website Here I have to click on the "Control Panel" to start working for the website This is the notice from We have to confirm by clicking on the Approve button Now the page redirected to hosting cPanel To create the website, have to install the framework first. Scroll down here in Software's section There is a Softculous App Installer Here have to click Here is the first WordPress option Install WordPress from here. is WordPress installation overview like version is 5.4 the protocol type is HTTP domain is and installation address to the main domain.

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 "In Directory" option leave the blank Here can enter the website name, for example, entering Here enter a short description or a slogan for the website After that here. We have to create a password Here username and password created you can change the default email address. I have changed it Here in the plugins section you can install if needed by checking the checkbox. I will leave it In the advanced section, here a Database Name option You can enter the database name according to you i.e. I'm entering "theam" And here can be changed table prefix in the last, underscore presence will be better Now.

how to make your own website for free

 click on Install Finally WordPress installation successful here is my website URL can be opened by clicking here. Due to cache, here opening still default page After that here you can open the website's admin dashboard I'm opening it in a new tab by following right-click This is the website's admin dashboard. From here you can also open the website I'm opening it in a new tab This is the default website's home page. Now here we have to install the theme and continue to create the website Here come to the plugins section Click on the "Add New" option. After that here have to search for a plugin name Astra There is the first plugin To install click on "Install Now" 

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Friends, The plugin has installed Now get activated Here click on the "See Library" option and choose "Elementor" as page builder Now all the available themes are based on Elementor Here. on search-bar check free from this drop list. So only free themes will visible here If will check, there is the Free option already checked Now. here all the free themes listed can be installed anyone theme from here and ger ready your website only you have to select any good looking theme, for example, I'm selecting this "Digital Agency" theme after clicking you can see some details here. readymade pages can be seen These four pages are available.

how to build a website for free

 You have to change the page's content into your original content. So for that Here you have to click on the "Import Complete Website" button All data of this theme will be imported Only you have to click here once Here are some options Check 1st box if previously any data imported Leaving unchecked, because it's my first import Finally, click on Import here After that importing started It will take some time now theme installed all required plugins installed And demo data also imported Now. We'll see our demo website by clicking on "View Site" Website look can be seen here. Now clicked to View Site Friends, In the new tab my website is open This is the website's homepage This looks the same as the demo theme A footer section also created with your site's name.

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 Now you have to change it's all the contents Into your original matter Now your complete website will be ready Now I have returned to Dashboard Here in the pages section, all the pages in the site are available About, Contact, Home, Privacy Policy, etc. Here is a sample page also available. You can add a new page from here To edit these pages Click on "Edit with Elementor" Page contents can be updated or removed Here. you have to click on Edit with Elementor Here we're going to change the contents of Homepage It's open with Elementor Page Builder To change this main heading You have to click on it Content will be on left-side-bar Here you have to change the content for example, 

how to make a website for free on google

I have changed it. after this, if you want to change heading upside text You have to click over and can also change from left-side displayed text Any text matter according to you As you like should be some matched If you want something to delete, For example, This text line we want to remove Then right-click here on the edit icon here you can see the delete option on the bottom. I have deleted it After that If you want to change this image Look carefully Here. is the complete section part Main part starts from here You have to click on here Now. see on the left side, A style option is available Goto style and here some bottom side same image is showing.

 This image you can change by uploading any new image or choose from uploaded I'm leaving it as previous Same you can change all the contents And have to update after changing done To back dashboard you have click on this menu icon, and now click on Exit to Dashboard And you will be redirected to the dashboard Here. are my all pages listed All pages can be edited with the same process To change the logo of the website Here. you have to come to Appearance Section And click on "Customise" Here are these options available to change Options are available on the left and site preview on the right To change the logo.

how to create a website for free on google

 Mouseover on logo and edit icon be visible and follow it Now. at the sidebar attached logo is available It can be removed by clicking on the remove both logo I have removed Scroll down below Here check the box of "Display Site Title" Now my name will be displayed in the place of Logo You can display your company logo instead of Name Simply. Uncheck the Site Title and Select the image of Logo After that can be published When published, That means it's saved Friends I have placed my Name instead of logo And there are some other options By these options,

 you can change the content of the header and footer both Widgets content can be changed here And the menu option also is changed from here some global settings like fonts and color can be changed You must publish after any changes. So that changes can be saved To return to the dashboard click on the "Cross" icon here Then finally friends, I have changed some contents of the homepage. Even all the demo data already imported All things are ready, I have to change my original content. After that our complete website will be ready Finally Friends,


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