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Google stopped its service after 8 years

  Gopal Pramanik      


google play music stopped

The famous search engine Google has decided to discontinue its Google Play music after a long time. Let me tell you that from the time Google launched YouTube Music, it was clear that the service will be discontinued. Google Play Music is to be launched 8 years, the company has discontinued it. It was placed in beta for some time. And it was launched to the public in November 2011.

google stopped play music service

Earlier in August, it was said by the company that it would gradually phase out its Google Play music. At the same time, Google has replaced Google Play Music with YouTube Music as promised. Now Google Play Music has been officially discontinued. Now if you open Google Play Music, you will receive a message from the Google application that it has been closed.

google stopped play music service

You can migrate tracks from Google Play Music to YouTube Music. It is no longer available upon opening the app on the Google Play store. Here you can transfer content from Google Music Play Music to YouTube Music. Here is an option to manage your data. Under which your Google Play music library can be downloaded. Let us tell you that the news of the discontinuation of Google Play Music for the last five years was coming in the media, after which it has now been officially closed by Google.


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