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indian bank zero balance account opening online

  Gopal Pramanik      

  Indian bank zero balance account opening online

indian bank zero balance account opening online

Indian bank saving account Friends, you have your own savings account. How to apply online in Indian Bank. So, how much money do you have to maintain in your savings account? That is, at the time of opening the account.  So, let's know First of all we know. To open an account with Indian Bank. You must have your own pan card. This is minority friends. If you want to open your account in the main branch of this bank, then The same if you want to open in the CSP branch or mini branch. You will not be demanded a PAN card. And if you don't have a pan card. So in that case, you have to fill the form 16 by filling it.

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 The same friend's fourth document that is In that, you have to give your 2 passport size photographs. So all these documents should be If you want to open a savings account with Indian Bank. Now it comes to the savings account of the Indian Bank. How much balance do we have to maintain? That is all the time in our savings account. How much money should there be Friends? if you live from urban area Friends if you live in the urban area. And you are opening your savings account. So, you have to maintain 1000 rupees here. That is, your account should have 1000 rupees at all times. Same if you live in a rural area.

Indian bank online account opening zero balance

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 If your maintenance balance is low. Then you may have to pay a charge there. How to apply online. So you open it in your chrome browser. And on there you have to drag the desktop view. So, friends after opening this webpage Here. In the second column, you have to fill your mobile number. Email-ID filling in the third column And friends in the Fourth column It is looking for a CAPTCHA code below. To fill that captcha code friends are case sensitive. So here the letter which is in a small size, you can fill it in small.  So, after filling this fourth column. See you under it here. I accept the terms & conditions. See here everything you have been told. 

 To tick it below. Have to tick again And then friends have to submit to you As soon as you submit. So, on the first page that you have just filled the mobile number, A OTP is sent to that number. Then there will be no register in your Aadhar in front of you. There will be an OTP on that number. Aadhaar OTP Then you have your photo in your aadhar Whatever your name is, whatever is given detail in your Aadhaar. He will see the detail here. So, you have to check here. If your Aadhaar number is correct, then only you will see your details. And after that, see friends, there is another detail below. Aadhaar details. So you have to fill it with yourself Like you have to select your state in the first column. 

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 You have to select your marital status. Whatever you have here, you have to select In the column after that, you have to fill the father's name or spouse name here. That means if you are married. So, you name your father here Or you can fill the name of your husband or wife. So what you want to do is fill it here In the column after that, you have to fill the name Mothers. And then you have to select your occupation.

Indian bank 0 balance account opening

 What do you do Then click on select and select whatever occupation you In the column after? You have to fill your annual income. How much is your income? Annually means how much money you earn in a year. You have to fill this column. And below that is friends Pancard number. What is the pan card number You have to fill this column So whatever your PAN CARD number is, fill it in this column? After filling the PAN number, you have to click on verify. When you click on verify. So, the bank ie Indian Bank. will verify your PAN card. And if your PAN card is correct. Then you will get permission to fill the next column. So, The next column is friends. Please tick its communication address Is the same as aadhar address.

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 That is if your Aadhaar address and communication address are the same. So see here is a box that you have to tick If there is no same a column is made below it. In that, you have to manually fill your communication address. And then refresh. Welcome to Indian Bank. Your CIF and Account Number is 635558 You will see your account number in front of it Total, which is your bank account number, will see you avail the full range of services. Please visit Branch and complete further formalities. Where you have opened this account. You're filled in the application form will be sent to your mail ID. Please download Sign up. The original Aadhar and Pan card may be provided to the branch for verification only. What you just filed In that you have to sign down. So you have to sign that And then you have to go to the bank Friends in the bank, you have to take both your PAN card and Aadhaar card together.

 This form on you Submit what you got from mail-ID. And together you have to see both the original PAN CARD and AADHAAR card. So he will see your PAN card and Aadhaar card with Banker. If all goes well Then they will open your account at the same time. And at the same time, friends, you will be given a welcome kit In which you need Net banking, mobile banking Atm card, PAssbook aur check All these things After that, your account will be opened, friends. And you will be able to use your account completely. Then friends here who have got the ATM card From that you can use any ATM That is, by activating any Indian bank's ATM Can use it Here one more thing Is friends. When you go to the branch for verification. So the maintenance balance that you have at that time. He will also ask you If you are in the urban area then you can take for 1 thousand. If you are in a rural area, then you can take for 500 rupees. And the money that friends At the same time deposits will be made in your own savings account. After that, you guys can use that money. So in this way, friends, you can open your savings account in Indian Bank. And then you can use it Normally like any other bank account.


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