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How to Transfer Money From Paytm to Bank Account

  Gopal Pramanik      

how to transfer money from Paytm wallet to bank account

how to tranfer money from paytm wallet to bank account

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 Paytm wallet money to Paytm Payment Bank Or Paytm wallet to any banks How to transfer. Paytm wallet money to the bank for free Friends, whenever your Paytm wallet money. Will try to send it to someone's bank. So, there you have to pay an extra charge of 5% So in this post we will know this How can we transfer money by paying 0% charge means,

 How can we transfer the money to the Paytm Wallet? to the bank for free? So, let's know For that, let me tell you first. Your Paytm should have a full KYC. Paytm KYC must be done. If you have done KYC of your PayTM. Then you have to log in to your Paytm application. Then there will be some options open to you have to click on accept payment. Then a new page of Paytm will open in front of you Sign Up.

how to transfer money from Paytm wallet to bank account without charges

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 to receive payment at a 0% fee. You will have to read some information on that page. of the sign up to accept payment. Then you have to do another step. If the PAN card details are not given, while doing it Then you have to do another step Here friends, first of all, we know that people have not given PAN card details. for them because while doing it A page will open in front of them. Which will have five columns In the above two columns you have to fill personal details In the last 3 columns. you have to fill the business detail.

 So in the first column, you have to fill your PAN card number. In the second column, fill your full name on the PAN card In the column. after that, you have to fill the business details. In the first column, you have to fill the name of your business. And in the last 2 columns, you have to select the category of business. So here is your business, so you enter the correct information. If not a business, you can fill anything here. Nobody comes to check if you have a business or not. So after filling these five columns, you have to slide this page down.

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how to add a bank account in Paytm

 As soon as you slide. Then there will be written on it Bank account you want to receive money. And after that, your Paytm payment bank will already be the default added Here. you have to add the bank account in which. you want to send money. In which you want to make money. So here if you want to send money to Paytm Bank then it is. already added If you want to send money to another bank. Like: SBI, PNB, ICICI So there is an option under Paytm Payment Bank. for that Add a Bank Account of blue color you have to click on that.

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 And not too often So you have to keep the SIM with the Paytm number. So that if you ask for an OTP, you can fill immediately. So when you add a bank account hereafter then you have to click on proceed as soon as you click on proceed then, Paytm will then verify your PAN card details. And then you will redirect to the Review payment settlement settings On that page, friends, you will see two options First Paytm Wallet.

how to transfer money from Paytm to bank account without charges

 Who will already be selected? And in the second option, there will be a bank account that has been added recently. If the Paytm payment bank is allowed to stay. You will show Paytm Payment Bank here If another bank account is added, it will show that bank account in the second option. So by deselecting the Paytm wallet Select that other option. Or, Select that bank option and the Click on save, & Continue Here your's step is ended. Now comes, Now comes Which will give PAN card details at the time of KYC. 

 Then there will be some options. you have to click on accept payment setting as soon a click on that. Then their page will be open. Written in light color Bank Account to Receive Money. And there will be a blue color edit option. in front of it, you have to click on edit as soon as you click on edit. Then here the Paytm Payment Bank will already add. If you want to transfer money to another bank. So you have to fill the bank details by using the add a bank account option and then click on proceed.

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 You can also ask for an OTP here. So you have to keep the SIM of Paytm number. So that you can fill the OTP. So please add a bank account here. As soon as you add it, you have to click on save. So it will take a little time and the new bank you have added will be updated. After the update, you have to come back. And look again at the option below. So that will be a settlement setting option you have to click on settlement setting as soon as you click on settlement setting. Show you two options again First, Paytm Wallet. And the other option of that bank account you have added. If you allowed staying Paytm Payment Bank.

how to transfer amazon pay balance to Paytm

 Then the Paytm Payment Bank option will show. Tell me one more thing here guys. That money goes to the Paytm Payment Bank. If you send money anywhere from Paytm bank. So. there is no charge on you And there is also interest like pay saving account. So you can also do this, leave the Paytm payment bank in banks option. Then money will come to Paytm Payment Bank. And after that, send the money in the bank account in which you want to send with 0% Charges. Select that bank's option. And after selecting, you have to click again on save and continue So when you do this, your step is over. Now it comes. How will you transfer Paytm wallet money to Bank? You have to do it for him.

 That the money you have in your Paytm wallet is to be transferred to another Paytm. Now they have to say that they send your money to your Paytm number. So earlier when someone sends money to your Paytm number. So that money used to come in your Paytm wallet. But now if anyone sends money to your Paytm number. So that money will come to your bank which you have just added. you have added. Friends can take 24 hours to transfer money. It may be that the money is transferred immediately but it will definitely take 24 hours.

 So now it comes to know how you will get some money sent to you. Whenever someone will send money to your Paytm no. Then immediately you will get a message. That this number has been sent so much money on your Paytm number. So from there, you can know. The other option is where the code appears on the below QR code will continue to look like a passbook of every transaction. Which statement how much money have you sent If you want to know more detail about the transaction. So, you can download the Paytm for Business application from Playstore. when you get signed with Paytm Then all the details of your Paytm. will be shown How much money is received on your Paytm number.

how to send money from Paytm wallet to bank account

 who sent money in Paytm. When will your Paytm money go to the bank? Meaning you can see all the details from there. So guys, in this way Paytm wallet money to Paytm payment bank. Or will you be able to send it to another bank? And that too 100% free. Friends its limit. They all differ in Paytm In some Paytm the daily limit is 20000 The same is 10000 in some Paytm. That is, you can send 10000 rupees or 20000 rupees in this way in 1 day Monthly. the limit is 20000 of some Paytm Monthly.

 the limit is 50000 of some Paytm. So what is this transaction limit of your Paytm? To do this check, you have to click on Accept payment again and go to that code. When you slide down towards you will see another set their Payment mode setting. You have to click on the Payment mode setting as soon as you click Then you will be told your Paytm's daily and monthly limit. And then you will know how much is your Paytm limit. So now you know. How to transfer money from Paytm Wallet to the bank for free.


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