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Google Adsense Alternative

  Gopal Pramanik      

 Adsense alternatives

google adsense alternative

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how can monetize your website or blog?  using Adsterra? how can earn money from your website using the Adsterra ad network? and if you are also searching for that kind of post then you are in the right post. I'll teach you how can you monetize your blog or website we can use this method. in your blogger and you can use this method in WordPress. also whatever platform will be accepted just you need more than one post inside your blog or website. and if you have too much traffic and if you are getting trouble monetizing using Google Adsense.

 then in that case it will be a very useful method guys hello welcome back to our website. and to be connected with me do-follow. and don't forget to share this post with among the people who are sourcing this kind of post-show without any later let's begin our tutorial guides. it's too much easy to earn money from the website using the Adsterra ad network. also so guys if you want to also learn how can you monetize your blog or website using adsterra ad network. and you are in the right post so without. it late let's begin so first of all this you have to go inside the registration of the Adsterra ad network.

Google AdSense alternative

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 and thus click in the ass publisher and if you are an advertiser then on that list you can choose. is an advertiser but at this time. you have to choose is up the officer and basically here. and now you will get a signup form. now, this is the next window. of the arts Tara. from your website, application fee cookies are all the traffic sources. and it's giving me it's asking me my name. I am just using my email id so at this time. I am just using a temporary email. because I am just using this one although only the learning.

 what purpose and now. so in this time, I am just clicking here oh okay. so you can choose here the payment method at this time. I am just using the paper. and you can stop our account email. also at this time, okay and you can choose anything else here. from Facebook and the messenger also so at this time. I am just using him I think I should get this one. and you can with the login username and password. and I should leave the so now you can choose the login username. and I'm just using the password and click on the complete registration to monetize your blog or website.

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best Adsense alternative

 on money so it's completing everything else. and is telling that welcome we have the send a verification link to my email id. so I need to go here and I think there is something. I think there is nothing till now is that my email id is correct it's still. very snow in the lighter here. You can see if they are an email from the air starting and click inside in the confirmed email. and my email has been confirmed now. it's processing after this you will be able to earn money using the airstair.  I'll teach you how can you put you but the s10 I added unit and how can you okay. so now everything has been completed. and just put your login ID.

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 so it was the password and just press the enter button. so now you can see here it's telling that welcome so this is the interface of air Cetera. and using this one you can earn money. so now you can see here there are lots of large things available here. the first of all dashboards and the second is a statistic and empower. one is the website and payments if the FBI support and profile. so at this time, I'm going to teach you how. can you put your website inside here? of the air stare and now. we can see here the wrap our few useful things besides here the first one is basketball. the second one statistics the third one is website fourth one is payments and the fifth one is referrals the sixth one is API.

Adsense alternatives for blogger

 and support and profile. so after this, the first options are you have to eat his websites from the website you can link or you can monetize your website. so, first of all, you have to click on the websites. and now you can see here there are three things available here the first one is a new website. and the second one is to choose 8 formats and exclusive. and desirable campaigns and the third one is the manager website - after this, I'm just going here. so after this just go here. and click in the view log and copy this website link. Inside here, just click on the 8 new websites.

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 and right-click and paste and choose the category from here. so I think I stood to pull some also. I think I should choose this one. so I'm just using the other and you can choose the different kind of it you need to monetize your website. a blog is using the Adsterra ad network. so in this time, I'm just choosing this one and the way push and just click in the 8. so now you can see if you're telling me that 18 we've had and thus clicking. and got it so it's still inside the pending because it will take almost 24 hours to do. and the adsterra thing will remove everything about your website.

Adsense alternatives 2020

 you must have at least one post inside your blog website to monetize your website using the Adsterra ad network. and after reviewing they will make it active so guys now you can see here. so guys now you can see here there is a two website available. and from here we can see all the codes you can see here there are of 480 minutes available. inside my website. and if you want to create another ad Unit just click inside the Ad code. and you can choose anything else from here. and you can take the statistics from here also. and you can take this one from here.

 also after this guy's just you have to copy that code. so I am just copying this code.  and click this one and copy this one. and you can put that code in two ways. so the first method is just go to inside the layout okay. and you have to choose HTML /JavaScript. and after this is clicking the save and your advertisement. will start to run or there is another second option available. that is if you want to show that it inside you are a blog post. 

Adsense alternatives for small websites

so in that case you have to go inside the post. so anywhere you want to put that ad unit just paste. that one here and this click in the safe so using this method also you can put the Adsterra ad network. and you need inside your blog or website but at this time. so I'm just closing this one if you want to sign up for that one. and giving sign-up link inside my beginning. so just take that one there are lots of lots of methods and tips. and tricks to monetize your blog or website. there are lots of lots of methods to earn from your website. also if you want also that kind of post our website.

 let me know in the comment sections I'll make a separate post on that topic so hoping that you understand - how can you monetize your blog or website. using our adsterra. and if you get some quality content or if you learned something from this post please give me a follow it will give me some motivation to make more posts. and please give me up the solutions are comment in the comment box and I will read all the comments and. if you give me some solutions to improve my post quality it will be given. some motivation and to the collective with me to follow. 


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