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Build Backlinks for Free 2020

  Gopal Pramanik      

   Hi everyone, I'm Gopal Pramanik and today I'm going to share with you how you can build backlinks without paying for them. Before we get started, make sure you Follow to this Website,  how do you build backlinks? Well, I'm guessing most of you don't build them at all, and I'm curious altogether because there is a really simple way to do this. It does require hard work, I'm not going to tell you that you're just going to get these links in, wave a magic wand and do nothing, but if you're willing to do the work it's not hard to get these backlinks. And here's how you do it. Step one,

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   It'll show you that, you can see all the links, all the links that people are pointing to other than their home page. And through the Backlink'sreport you can also see that, you can see the backlink count for the whole domain, a specific URL, and when you find the right articles. Now, if you're struggling to find really good pages, another easy thing you can do is when you're already in the Backlink's report, in the sidebar click on top pages, it'll show you the top pages that your competitors are writing, look at the ones that are most similar to you and you can also click the backlinks button there, it'll show you every single person that's linking to that article. 

The second step, whatever that article is that your competitors wrote that's similar or related to your industry, I want you to write a better version of that article. You know, if it's 1,000 words I want you to make it 5,000 words. Yes, I know that sounds crazy requires a lot of work, but go in-depth. And I'm not talking about just shoving in key words and making it long for the sake of it. I'm talking about great amazing content. If I told you to write an article on how to make pizzas, you would just write an article and you probably would discuss here's how you make the dough, you put it in the oven, here's temperature, you put toppings, bada boom bada bing you'redone, you got pizza.

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 Well, when I'm saying write amazing content, I want you to do things like talk about, if you're going to write on how to make pizza, break down everything to, how do you pick the vegetables. Organic versus ones with pesticides. Do you need to drain out the water from the vegetables when you're cutting them up? What's the right length to cut your cucumbers? All the way to, how the water quality changes the taste of your dough. Do you use bottled water? Do you use tap water? All those things matter from, hey you put the dough, you make it first, you put it in the oven that is preheated to a certain temperature, once it's cooked you break it out, you put marinara sauce that you handmade and this is how you do it step by step and even picked the tomatoes from the local market. 

And then how do you put your toppings? How do you cut it? What kind of fork and knife you use to cut a pizza? You use that circular roller thing? I don't know how to cook because I'm not a cook, but you get the point. If that's how you make a pizza just want super in-depth, and I would try to go even more in-depth than that. And when go that in-depth, you'll also find that hey, your article is so thorough that when someone reads it they're going to get better instructions on how to build that pizza. I would also include, animated with images showing like the process of making the dough and spreading it out and tossing it in the air and then catching it and then my wife getting mad at me for making a mess in the kitchen. Again, 

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 Whether it's images, videos that you also want to add to your articles. Whether it's having a custom designer go in there and create graphics for you, all that adds up. You want your content to be better. This is the most important part of this step. It's not using myBacklinks tool, you can use anyone else's tool if you want, mine's just free. It's nothing else. This step, the second one, is the most important. 

Now, the last step you need to take, you need to email out everyone linking to your competition and break down why your article's better. But the real key is to do custom emails. So for example, if someone links to my article on how to get content, or if someone links to competitors article on how to get ranked on Google faster, or how to get new content index faster, you know, I may end up emailing them telling them hey look, that content's talking about how you go and you submit your article to search console, and I would break down and be like, hey I know you use to link to us but that doesn't guarantee that your article gets indexed, 

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Google still picks what you want. Here are three other things that I break down that helps people get an index. And these three things are really easy, they can do that in two minutes. This other thing takes seven minutes but combined they're going to get a much better success ratio. And when you create that detailed email and then you're like look, if you want them to, if you want to provide more value to your users feel free to check out the article. If you enjoy it, I would really appreciate it if you also linked to it. That kind of stuff is more effective, takes more time, but it works. 

That's how you build links without paying for it. Most of it is manual labor on your end, and that's why a lot of people don't have links. It's because they don want to take the time to build all those links, it's just so time-consuming. With you, if you're willing to do that, you'll outpace your competition, rank higher, and gobble up their traffic. It's a better approach, it's a long term approach, don't get caught in shady gray hat tactics. If you have any questions, comments, leave it below and I'll answer it. And if you enjoyed it.


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