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Best Free Theme for WordPress

  Gopal Pramanik      

 best free theme for WordPress 

wordpress theme free

Today we will talk about, Top 4 Themes that you can use in WordPress Hi Guys, my name is Gopal Pramanik. If you are blogging or planning to start a Blog on WordPress. If you are searching for such free themes I am having 4 options in which you can use a free theme. I have tested a few themes and out of it, I have selected the best 4 themes. We will discuss those themes So, the Theme we have on Number 4 is 'Shopisle' 'Shopisle' is WordPress Free Theme This theme comes from Theme Isle and is a good theme for E-Commerce. It has a good design, it looks premium and it looks good It has a good loading speed for an E-Commerce. The theme I put this theme on my server There are many customize options available Now, coming onto its Cons The first Con is in their Support This reading the documentation. So this theme is ideal for E-Commerce Store on WordPress, you can use this theme It has good ratings It has 40k+ active installations. likewise, you will be able to see Customisations.

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WordPress themes free

 Next Pro is their Pre-Built Templates. So, I will have to import a template and everything will be loaded into my website. and I can edit it further So, this is a doctor's template, so I just have to import this template. I just have to change data and my hospital website would be ready. Support It is easy to use for beginners. fast website, you can use this theme Now talking about fast, it and I are impressed by their customer support Now. coming onto their pricing, their pricing starts from Rs.54 Per Month. I am having an extra 15% Discount Coupon Code. The Link of the coupon code is in the website link. Enter Coupon Code ARYAN. and you will get an extra 15% Discount So this was our third theme 'Neve' whose active installations were 50k+ It is having a good rating and at present, 

WordPress templates free

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 The Second theme we have is of 'Colormag' If you are searching for a theme that will be for blogging purposes I will recommend Colormag for it Colormag is a simple easy to use the theme. If I talk about Pros It is good for blogging and it has easy to use interface, It has basic features and it is fast and it is loved by everyone. It has 1 lakh+ Installations. This is a ColorMag theme. I just have to import a template My website is ready and I can use this for fashion. If I am preparing a blog on Nature, Planting, or Gardening I can make use of this theme.

 Now coming onto Cons They provided Limited Functions in a free theme. The limit functions for their Pro Version. If you are on a free version you will get Support through Forums. You can expect your query to get answered by 4 to 5 days. If you are planning to open blogs for the magazine, you can use these free themes. So, if you are planning to get a paid version, you can definitely buy this theme. You will be able to see many features, and all its cons will be removed in its paid version is for approx $69 So the theme on First no.

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 is OceanWP OceanWP has 4lakh+ active installations. It was last updated on 4 August So if I talk about OceanWP advantages. The first advantage is, it is very lightweight. You can easily integrate it with WooCommerce and PageBuilders. You can get great Customisation Options It has easy to use interface. There are many templates available for business and blogs Its major advantage is its community. Many people use OceanWP and there are many tutorials and videos on YouTube and blogs So if you face any problem you will get good support.

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 Now coming onto its Cons They are pushing towards the paid theme. They are asking to opt-in to share your email They are upselling themes recently The second major Con. I found out is they increased their Add on Price They were selling Ocean Sticky Header at $10 but now its price has increased to $29.99 So it is stylish all in one-page template theme. The next option is of GeneratePress. So, this is a theme I personally use it on my websites You can get a free version but you will get more benefits on the pro version. So if you are searching a theme that you will convert it from free theme to pro version.

 If you have a low budget and you want a good theme. So, I will recommend GeneratePress, this is very good You will get a subscription of $50 per year and you can make unlimited websites. So, this theme is lightweight. and you will get a phenomenal speed. You will get good support You can link this through PageBuilder and its pricing is affordable. If you are searching for something between free and paid theme, so this is the theme that you should go for So, do let me know which theme you liked the most Tell me which theme you are using. and how is your experience with that theme? I would love to hear about your experiences.


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