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5 Vital HealthTips

  Gopal Pramanik      

 5 vital health tips from sadhguru

5 vital health tips from sadhguru

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Your ability to resist these kinds of invasions upon your life will be greatly, greatly enhanced. You must take enormous care of the water because it's 72% If you do this, you will see half your problems of health minimum fifty percent will go away in six weeks' time. But it's very important to develop a relationship with the soil when you're alive. I would say especially now with this virus around. Believe me, those of you who are in some way in contact with the soil, here we call this Prithvi Prema Seva, which means getting involved with the soil in a very loving manner.

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 It's not just enough if you live. It's important that you live strong. Living strong does not mean you grow big muscles and dominate somebody. Living strong means here life happens big! your hands and feet are in the soil, very important. Otherwise, those of you who are too well to do but don't want to be seen doing any work, because it may create a wrong image for your affluence, you can have a mud bath. Yes, that is also one way. #2 Eat More Raw Food Just bring forty to fifty percent of the food in its raw form. That is it’s alive, it must be alive cell. It can be a vegetable, it can be a fruit, it can be a nut, it can be sprouted gram.

5 vital tips

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 When you cook the food, you are largely destroying these enzymes. Minus the enzymes when you eat, now the body has to struggle to reconstruct that part that’s been destroyed, and then only it can digest. Normally the first one, one and a half hours after eating, tends to take the body down. After that slowly it recovers. Have you noticed this? So food is for energy, but we are making the food in such a way that it takes away energy in the first one and a half hours, only after that, slowly it comes back. Anyway, however good your digestive process is, still you can never reconstitute all the enzymes that we have destroyed by cooking. Only partly we can do that. It makes you alert. It doesn’t matter. 

When you shower it is not just the dirt on the skin that you are taking away. Have you not noticed this?  A whole lot of things happen. When water flows over your body.  #4 Detoxify Your Body: Drink Water with Care You must take enormous care of the water because it's 72% and it has tremendous memory. If I open this water, even without opening if I say something to this water, it remembers. There have been lots of experiments in this direction; So if you take this water from wherever the waterworks is and pump it to your house, let’s say it went through fifty bends, forced… pumped forcefully with a certain force which naturally is done and you are living on the twelfth floor of the apartment, so further forced up. Now they are saying if it goes through fifty bends, about sixty percent of the water has turned poisonous.

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 Immediately when it comes to the topic you take it and immediately drink it, it will work as a poison in your system. If you take it and hold it for some time, it will undo itself again because the poisoning is not chemical, it is molecular; molecular changes are happening, no chemical changes happening. This is why traditionally your grandmother always told you, ‘Always you must gather the water, keep it overnight in your house in a properly cleaned vessel with vibhuti and kumkum on it and one flower on it.’ Yes or no?

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 Traditional homes? Only tomorrow morning you drink it, not as soon as it comes inside your house, you don’t drink it because it carries all kinds of memories. In very traditional homes people everyday pooja to the water pot, yes? And you never drink the water as soon as it comes, you keep it, give it enough time to undo itself from whatever nonsense it has gathered so that it is suitable for you when you drink it. The water you must take care of because it’s 72%, its more… its first class, you know, more than passing mark. #5 Give Your Stomach a Break!

 An empty stomach and hunger are two different things. Hunger means your energy levels start dropping, but an empty stomach is a good thing. In the yogic sciences - today modern science also is coming in line with this... But what we know by our experience, you will spend a billion dollars to come there. Because research is all about how many million dollars, that's how it is. Your body and your brain work at its best only when your stomach is empty. So we always make sure, we eat in such a way how much ever we eat, Our stomach must be always empty within two two-and-a-half hours’ time maximum. So we go to bed hungry always. People think they cannot sleep, they can sleep. If you do this, you will see half your problems of health - whatever you have health problems, a minimum of fifty percent will go away in six weeks' time. 


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