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WordPress Permalinks For SEO, WordPress Permalinks

  Gopal Pramanik      

  The permalink settings of your WordPress website is an essential step you should take care if you want to have a beautiful and SEO friendly URL for each page and post. The shortest your URL is, the better. And if you include a keyword in it, that will help search engines know what your article is talking about. Hey WordPress enthusiasts, and welcome to our site AryanSale.

permalinks, wordpress permalinks

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WordPress Permalinks

 WordPress tutorials and reviews. My name is Gopal Pramanik. I will show you some permalinks tips and tricks. To get to the permalink settings of your WordPress website, log in to your dashboard and navigate to Settings, then click on Permalinks over here. As you can see on this page, you have six options to choose from, and I think that each new WordPress installation comes with this plain URL option set as default.


 My recommendation and what I use on my blogs Post Name, but you can also build a custom structure where you can add the category of your post before the post name as well as the year when the post was published. If you'd like, you can set custom names for your category and tag URLs here. For example, using topics as your category base would make your category links like your website domain slash topics. slash the category of your post.

WordPress Permalinks for SEO

 If we check out a popular news website. like tech and take a look at the link of an article, we can see the year, month, day, followed by the post name tag it that URL, which is, obviously, the title of that article. The trick I use on my blogs is to edit the automatically generated links before publishing that post and make it as short as possible by using only the targeted keyword in that field.

Best Permalinks

 I can edit the permalink only if I set them to other than Plain and Save Changes. If I go back and edit this post, for example, I need to click on my title, and then I can see the Permalink above, which has this Edit button on the right. My Permalink is set to a custom structure now, which includes the year, month as well as the day when that post was published.

Keyword Research for SEO

 I can only edit the name over here. Well, I do prefer my links to be as simple as possible, so I go back to my permalink settings and set its structure to Post Name only. I want you to understand that the shortest your permalink is, the easier for you to remember and share on Facebook or other Social Media platforms.

Best Permalinks for SEO

 Also, as I already mentioned, it is good for SEO too. Let me show you an example. If I go to any of these blog posts, you can see that for this one, the title is "Siteground review for WordPress Websites and Blogs: Goodenough?" but the permalink contains only four words that say "site ground review for WordPress". You don't need to use capitalized letters in your URLs. You are not allowed to do that. Even if you do it instinctively when you click save, all of your words in the URL will be transformed automatically, and a dash will fill up the spaces between them.

 Make sure you don't use the same keyword phrase twice in your pages or posts otherwise a number will be added automatically when publishing and your link will become ugly. For better SEO you should never optimize two blog posts for the same word or phrase. That's it. I think I've done a short SEO tutorial too. So, if you like what you just saw and you want more comment this, make sure you hit the follow button and ring the bell to get notified when we upload our next post. Keep up the good work and see you in the next one. 


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