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google question hub

  Gopal Pramanik      

 Recently Google has launched a new tool for Digital Marketers If you are up to date in the Digital Marketing community. You might know about this: Google Question Hub What is it and How can you use it?

google question hub
Question Hub Google

 Today I'll discuss this Recently Google has sent me a beta Program to test it I'll give you the link in the description below You can register there too If you are lucky, then you can use it too Now it's just a beta program. I am going to show you a live demo It's possible The features that I show might change in the Pro version. Some changes may occur.


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 So when you search something on google Like you searched for:  Name of Gopal Pramanik. Name of his mother Google doesn't know this It may be possible. that it may show or somebody has answered this question and google is not able to understand this question. Google came with a tool If you login into this tool and fill the category and you can see the question regarding a keyword.

 And you can submit your answer also in the form of links You can add a link in that answer Like Gopal Pramanik... You've written a blog Then you can add that blog on that asked question and paste the link of that blog What will happen, whenever someone will search on google Google have an idea that answer of this is in this blog and it can easily index and will be able to give better results.

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 This feature is coming because voice search is going to evolve voice search is going to be in trend For that people need to do a quick run answer. Google needs an answer regarding that Because Google has many competitors Alexa, Siri is there If Google wants to be on the top That's why they came with this feature. Let's go to my computer and learn how to use the tool I'll give you the link in the description I believe you will get the mail If a Google person.

 is watching then please Approve everyone :p So I've logged in here Short interface CLick here You can see questions here Starred questions Important questions. These are the backlinks I took This is my blog basically This is not live yet In order to open it, you need this link Do tell me about this link. It's a kind of backlink from Google.

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Now I go to questions You can see I've already added keywords here. Regarding digital marketing. I have an idea regarding digital marketing So I know the questions people are searching for. How can ethical issues affect e-marketing? What are the 10 most important areas of e-marketing? Explain the present status of e-marketing in India.

 Present status of e-marketing. You can see topics people search for Direct click on answer and add your blog links Submit. When you open it, you'll see something like this Add questions Select any industry Let's say Computer and electronics Because of money field For bloggers. Yesterday I said something against bloggers, This is new thing for you People search regarding these topics.

 Both in Hindi and English All topics. Everything. Let's say I need to search something, Samsung Now do I need questions regarding Samsung in Hindi or English If you write in Hindi then you can add from here. If you are an English blogger then add from here. Let's say I added Samsung from here Now it's added See questions here Digital marketing Segmentation, Philip Kotler You can see questions here See here. People are searching for this You can answer their questions.

I think you are able to understand what you can do from this. Bloggers can see the opportunity If you have content regarding this if not then make and answer it. You can reject it too. Like this one. Reject it. You can reject this whole category. If I want. Like I can reject this Samsung field. Now go to settings Basic information Hindi or English You can select: Okay Question language I can change it too. This is clear that this tool is for only three countries. This tool is only for three countries. That's it. So I've shown you a new method of backlinks if you don't know how to make content You can take ideas from here.  


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