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Brahmacharya Benefits

  Gopal Pramanik      

 brahmacharya benefits

brahmacharya benefits, brahmacharya rules

 Manthan (Tussle) I always required to make new decisions in life and ManthanHub helps you do Manthan for yourself. it is true that no matter how many articles you may watch but till the time your questions didn't get the answers, you won't truly follow any suggested site when you try to follow any routine in true then the rising questions in your mind.

 stops you that's why we decided that we will answer all the questions raised by youths watch this article till the end so that if you have any questions in your mind, you may get their answers question is why do you use the word ''veeryavan'' (the one who is vigorous, following brahmacharya)5 again and again? why do you write the word ''veeryavan'' in your post, in your most of the posts you have repeated that ''I am veeryavan', how does it affect the one?

 there is a reason behind using the word ''veeryavan'', it is powerful in itself repeating it impacts deeply on our mind no matter how much semen you have lost till now, no matter how many wrong things you have done till now but still, you are ''veeryavan''  for us because you are interested in learning brahmacharya article you are trying so you will be called ''veeryavan'' maybe not today but tomorrow, 

benefits of celibacy brahmacharya

you will become ''veeryavan''  after trying again and again i.e. we are addressing you as ''veeryavan''  and we know your future but you have to maintain your interest in brahmacharya at any cost secondly, saying ''I am veeryavan'' affects your mind positively saying ''I am veeryavan'' is positive affirmation technique if you repeat '' I am veeryavan'' 7 times in the morning after waking up and in the night before going to sleep,

 it develops a special place in your subconscious mind the place which used to be the home of negative affirmations the same place is now home to the positive affirmations, negative affirmation was something like this '' I am weak'', ''I am semen less'' '''I am fearful'' and many more like this make a place in your mind so to fill up that place you should say ''''I am veeryavan'' repeatedly saying like this to yourself will a create a permanent place in your mind to help you.

 and to make your practice easy, we have made this article for you with the help of this post, you can effectively follow this practice but the question is, we save our vital energy for some months and years and everything is fine but suddenly our mind gets diverted, there are plenty of reasons behind that we know what we are going to do, but still unable to stop ourself we also know that we will be regret after doing this but still your mind does not have the power to stop you.

brahmacharya benefits in hindi

 and save you from semen loss when we able to completely follow brahmacharya? The answer is that, the first thing you gotta do is, you have to forget that you are following brahmacharya live your life normally, don't set any kind of target regarding following the brahmacharya rather live your life like a small innocent child stop counting days in brahmacharya lifestyle, only live your life normally counting days is meaningless as there would be no change if you count days or not.

 your life will still be normal so live your life normally, secondly, if you don't have brahmacharya lifestyle in your life so you must add it today, if you are thinking that you can be successful in brahmacharya without the brahmacharya lifestyle then it is not possible if brahmacharya could have been achieved without the brahmacharya lifestyle then our ancient scriptures wouldn't have all this yogas and solutions brahmacharya is an art of living the life.

 that also contains living life normally, and the brahmacharya is being followed automatically i.e. make it a rule that you can only be successful in brahmacharya through brahmacharya lifestyle thirdly, spirituality is very essential for brahmacharya if you have decided to follow brahmacharya wholeheartedly you may be following it and also getting success in it, still if you don't have the spirituality in your life then you may get diverted from your path.

advantages of brahmacharya

 actually, brahmacharya lifestyle includes spiritual but some people get satisfied only with yoga, pranayama, and meditation they don't take the help of spirituality seriously so they face many hurdles on brahmacharya path we suggest you read the books by spiritual masters and follow their instructions, after following them you can include the spirituality in brahmacharya lifestyle.

 question is what is the brahmacharya lifestyle? how do you follow the brahmacharya lifestyle? the answer is if you have scheduled lifestyle after waking up and before going to bad then you can easily follow brahmacharya lifestyle and you can get success in brahmacharya now please pay attention, we are going to suggest you a lifestyle don't put any pressure regarding lifestyle rather design it according to your capacity whenever you wake up in the morning.

 just sit there for 5 to 10 minutes on the bed after waking up and start repeating positive affirmations, you can modify this lifestyle according to you because every person have their own working schedules and timing so this lifestyle cannot be implemented by all after emptying your bowels in the morning, you may take bath or may not, it depends upon your requirement you have to give 1 to 1.5 hr time in the morning to your mind and body during that you can do all the yoga asanas.

brahmacharya health benefits

if you want to perform yoga after exercise then too it is suggested there are three basic things in yoga asanas firstly, you have to select the easy asanas for yourself you may do 4 to 5 yoga asanas and after that perform pranayama includes bhastrika pranayam, Madisonian pranayam and triband pranayam you can do all these three pranayams if you want, there are 64 types of pranayams out of 64.

 this 3 are considered very powerful because their effects are seen quickly after pranayama, you can meditate for 15 to 30 minutes after meditation you can do mantra chanting but remember one thing whenever you are starting a yoga practice, do prayer before it learning this article for performing prayer to learn yoga asanas and pranayams, please search this website which is named as HeaithTips yoga to learn meditation.

 please learn this website post, which is named as HealthTips all the yoga asanas, pranayams and meditation have been suggested in both of this site you can include them in your lifestyle as per your choice and convenience diet plays an important role in brahmacharya lifestyle, it is said that ''as the food is, so is your mind'' '' as you drink water, so is your voice (behavior)'' so learn HealthTips post and improve your diet today only you may be married or unmarried but your brahmacharya lifestyle.

 will be influenced by your behavior throughout the day behaviors is an art, purifying thoughts is also an art to get success in good behavior and thoughts you have to devote your time for this we have provided 10 posts, you can learn the art of behavior and thought process after learning them you can do mantra chanting or meditation in the evening or do remember positive affirmations before going to bed or you can remember the thoughts of a spiritual book.  before sleeping doing this will convert your sleep into a spiritual sleep so this is the core design of brahmacharya lifestyle.

 you can modify this design depending upon the time you have you can increase or decrease the yoga duration according to time you have to start brahmacharya and go at ana advanced level please learn both of this website i.e. brahmacharya basics and brahmacharya advanced level question is we want to follow brahmacharya but the problem of nightfall has lowered all our motivation is there any permanent solution for nightfall? the second question is we are masturbating from the age of 14, 15 and we have lost so much semen, is there any way to quickly recover? how much time will it take? what is its solution?        


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