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best managed wordpress hosting

  Gopal Pramanik      

 best managed wordpress hosting

 Today we will talk about Cloudways Hosting Services Hi Guys, my name is Gopal Pramanik. I am using Cloudways Hosting Services. We will talk about this in detail A-Z Which is the best plan?

best managed wordpress hosting

 What Plan you should buy? I will provide with a Coupon Code by which you can purchase it a discounted rate Along with this, I will also talk about the Training Program So first of all, I will let you know what is Cloudways Hosting This is not like a normal hosting, it is different Here you get 5 Cloud Hosting Providers, within which they have set up their platform Like Digital Ocean, Linode, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Vultr.

 So Cloudways thought of making their platform on these Hosting Services So that these Hosting Services can be easily used by Non -Technical Persons. So what are its advantages You don't have to maintain servers. You don't have to think about its security You don't have to think about its Upgradation. You don't have to think about its Installation process and how the backups will work You don't get direct Support.

fastest managed wordpress hosting

 if you take it from Linode and Digital Ocean. So here Cloudways acts as a mediator Cloudways charges a Premium and it is worth it So Cloudways is a platform. on top of the existing infrastructure, to create your WordPress Website and maintain it easily. So let's start with its overview So when I log in, a screen appears I have made a server and I took it from Digital Ocean.

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 This is my Server and when I go to Applications So all my Websites will appear in Applications So here are my 2 projects: One is KP App, which is my WordPress Website, and the second is Custom PHP Which is a PHP based project. So I click on my WordPress Website This screen appears You don't get any Cpanel, this is the panel you get for working Here.

 I can go in my application This is my Cloudways Website This is on my Digital Ocean Server which is from the Data Centers in Bangalore And I have Purchased their previous plan which is of $10 The Template. that I have used is Gym Template of OceanWP, I use this template for testing So this is the Type of UI which I am able to see in Cloudways Server Response.

best managed hosting

 Time is very good Bangalore has 21ms, Singapore has 41ms My Servers are in Bangalore so accordingly the response time is good. Talking about Speed, my website is getting loaded in 800ms Under 1s my website is getting loaded which is amazing. I haven't seen such loading speed in Sitegroud or A2 Hosting. This is the first time I am able to see such speed in Cloudways.

 The website is loading under 1s If I talk about New York it is 2.4s which is justified. I haven't used any sort of CDN So it is all the basic Setup If it is loading 2.4s then it is good and Bangalore has 800ms Talking about Average. 1st Visit The time is 4.3s which is decent I don't have any complaints on speed If I talk about Downtime. I haven't seen any Downtime.

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 there is 100% Uptime I have been using it since 40-45 days and I have not seen any downtime till now, which is quite amazing You can see here since 8 Feb I am checking its Downtime It is 900hrs and almost 1000hrs till now. and I haven't seen any Downtime If I talk about Cache Plugin, this is the Plugin by Cloudways 'Breeze' Which I have used and it is a free Plugin.

 I have not made any changes, it is all by default If I optimized it, I would have seen more improvements in speed Talking about Load Test, I have sent 50 Virtual Users, which are from Mumbai servers. I sent 50 virtual users for up to 5mins on the website So as my users started increasing, the requests were also increasing simultaneously.

 And as you can see the blue line which is the server response time, must be straight It must not have peaks The blue line which is the server response time 90s, 70s,  80ms So the response time is very good and the response time is very stable. There were no problems occurring due to high traffic, which is very good. So here 11,200 requests were sent by 50 users, and none of the requests failed So this is also a good thing.

cheap managed wordpress hosting

 So I run the same test for 12 mins and all 50 users sent requests continuously Everyone sent their requests continuously. So total of 25,000 requests were sent and there were no failures So Cloudways has performed very well in the case of Load. Test Talking about High Traffic It Can Handle High Traffic Easily compared to other Shared Hosting Plans. like Kinsta and Flywheel So the $10 Plan I have taken, talking about its traffic that it can handle So it can handle up to approx 1Lakh to 3Lakh monthly users.

depending upon the resources consumed by them Now how it is able to Handle Large Traffic First, it is a dedicated server, there is no Shared Hosting Here you don't get Cpanel, It is resource-intensive and you don't get it here so that resources goes into traffic. You don't get Email Hosting, I will come onto Email hosting later so that resources go into traffic Talking about Data Center. You get 25+ Data Centers For all the hostings they have taken like Digital Ocean, Linode, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud.

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 You can use their Data Centers Talking about  India, you get Digital Ocean in Bangalore, Linode in Mumbai, and Google Cloud in Mumbai So you have options for such Data Centers You won't get such options of Data Centers in any Hosting. Talking about Ease of use It is easy to use but it is technical There exists a slight learning curve. I am thinking to make a training program on it, which we will discuss in the end.

 Talking about Domain Name, you get temporary Domain Name Just like this, here is the temporary domain name So I will use this Domain Name forever Talking about Backups, here you get Offsite Backups But there is a catch They charge extra for the backup. So the pricing they have given is $0.33 per GB. So in actual how much it gets converted depends on the data on your website To me it cost $0.50 for a month.

 Now here you cannot eliminate it Backups are necessary You can define a custom time in which you can do appropriate settings for it, to reduce its cost But you have to keep Backups which is necessary and it is a good thing for they are the Offsite Backups. Talking about the support Here you get 24x7 Live Chat Support which is a good thing. You don't have any support on Phone Their support is technically sound They have fast chat response but there is a problem that whenever you open their chat you have to talk to a Bot First,

 You have to do Q& A from Bot If you ask any question that Bot is unable to answer then only he will transfer that question to a human agent. So whenever you open Live Chat you will have to ask a technical Question that Bot is unable to answer, so that your issue is resolved quickly. Talking about the Inode Count You are unable to see Inode Count due to the absence of Cpanel.

 You can find out Inode Count if you go and check it in the terminal I went to their terminal and as I mentioned it is Cloud Servers so you have full control. You can use terminal I run Certain Commands and I got to know how much Inode Count If I zoom in and see the total inode counts here are 16lakh Inodes are the files that can be kept on the server. I have used around 91,000 files and the remaining files are left here Usually. Shared Hosting has indoes of 3lakh to 6lakh.

 There are not more than 6lakh inodes but here. I get 16lakh inodes which are quite good You get Staging Staging means you have created WordPress Website. and you have to make certain changes so that you clone your website in the backend. and do certain changes when those changes are suitable for you to publish them on the live site. Whenever you do changes that won't show up in the live site,

 it will happen in the backend So you can do this process within a single click By that, you can make a copy and on that copy, you can do your changes and when you thought about doing such changes you did it by a single click. So all this process is known as staging Cloudways has provided this option of doing all these changes in a single click. So all these features are provided in premium hosting such as Kinsta If I talk about pricing,

 the plans start from $10 Digital Ocean, Linode, and Vultr AWS plans are a bit costly Google Cloud plans. are also a bit expensive So here there is a thing that has to be noted They automatically take charges of the Digital Ocean. So you don't have to pay separately for it There is one more thing that they double charge. If you take hosting from Digital Ocean.

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 it will cost for $5 and here it is of $10 There you will get for $10 and here it will be $22 They charge double and the reason. behind it is the security update, managing it and providing support For all these things they take premium and it is justified. So which is the best value for money package? $10, $22, $42, $80 is the best value for money package. If you go above $82, there are plans Things will become expensive because they double charge So according to me if you are going above $80 then you can hire a dedicated IT.

 Team Which can manage your hosting If I talk about Coupon Code Then you can go to the URL mentioned below. Which you can open in your Browser Once the link is open you can start a free trial, by this you will get a free 3-day trial. When you will do its payment you will get a 20% OFF on 2 months payment. So I will enter my name I will enter my E-mail, enter password Select the blogger You can select My Monthly Hosting Plan Enter Promo Code Gopal.

 So these are the two things that you have to do You have to go to my link and enter coupon code GOPAL. You will get Extra 20% OFF on 2 months hosting charges. If I talk about the receipt, They put monthly charges on 29 Feb Backup charges were $0.50 Server Charges were $8.57 Total charges were $9.07 If I talk about the Refund Policy. You won't require the refund policy, Here the concept is Pay as you go Your charges will depend on the usage.

 If you have used their servers for 1 month $10 will be the charge If you have used for 4 days then charge would be for 4 days If you have used it for 4hrs then only 4hrs will be deducted You also get a free 3 Days. Trial which you can use without giving money. There is no risk or a long term commitment The CDN is not been provided. They charge extra which is $1 for 25GB for CDN if you want to buy it You get free SSL for Websites.

 You get free migration for 1 website You can host unlimited websites. Talking about the software In webservers, you have Apache 2.4, PHP 7.4 and Debian 9 OS Apart from Wordpress, it als provides support in Joomla, Drupal, Larvel, Magento, PHP You don't get any E-mail Hosting. You won't get professional hosting. You will have to pay extra for it which is $1 for email Talking about PCI Compliance. It means accepting credit cards on your website.

 Thus it is necessary for a hosting to be a PCI Compliant Or you can use 3rd party tools like PayPal, Stripe or Razorpay. So I asked whether Cloudways is PCI Compliant. They answered that they are PCI Compliant But if there are certain changes that has to be done in the server they can do it You will have to submit the form and then they will check in their servers and tell the changes that has to be done.

 Then you will tell the cloudways team the changes that has to be done. There is Team Collaboration which means  you will provide limited access to the people. You won't have access to delete the servers You also get developer tools like Before. I jump onto Pros and Cons, Hit "Like" Button Talking about its Pros: They have fast servers You don't have any sort of Downtime.

 You have a good customer support, there is staging facility It is easily scalable, whicch means when the website traffic is more. I can take $20 Server Or $30 Server and it when traffic is low. I will shift back to $10 So I can easily scale it It can also handle high traffic in the website. There is no long term commitment or there is no long term risk. Like I have done payment for 4 years Its pricing is good Inode Count is good and I have benefits of Google Cloud.

 If I talk about its Cons You don't get Email Hosting, If I take Huge servers then I have to pay big premium amount and there is a slight learning curve for this I will help it out through the training program. for which I will talk in the end. Now let's come onto the bottom line According to me it is a great hosting. It is an affordable hosting and it handles high traffic. If you are looking for other options like WPengine, Kinsta, Flywheel According to me Cloudways option is the best If you are using a VPS then. you must check the Cloudways option.

 I will shift it for my personal high traffic websites. So I think you should definitely try this There is no long term commitment, charging is less and you get my Coupon Code and I am going to provide my training program. So now let's talk about the training program, So recently I provided a training program for Hostinger Users. All those who purchased from my link, I explained the setup, use of SSL, cache plugin.

 So I am going to explain everything for Cloudways If users purchase from my link given below, I will make the training program. I will tell about its setup and taking backups How to reduce costs Which Cache Plugin has to be used. How to setup Email hosting and how to use it for free I will provide all these in my Free English Training Program, if more users purchase from my link.


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