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how to get subtitles on youtube

  Gopal Pramanik      

how to get subtitles on youtube videos

how to get subtitles on youtube

Friends, I talk to a lot of big creators, when I ask them how many views how many dollars you get then they reply ... they get 1$ on 10000 views, 15000 views, and 20000 views and when they ask me the same question then. their mind wanders I tell them here I got on 500 views and consider a maximum of 2000 or 3000 views. it means I am earning 6 or 7 times more than them with this view earning.

 and if you want to increase both then watch this article till the end So, friends today I am going to gave you complete practical tutorial. how to add subtitles in your youtube video. It has many benefits like an unknown person can watch your video. that don't understand your language your video, can be target at someplace like USA and if your video is unique and watching in that country.

 that means your revenue will generate according to that country and you know very well in that country. revenue generates more in our videos it means if you add subtitles in your YouTube videos. then your views and earning are going to be increase so step by step we will see the easiest method. that how can you add subtitle in your YouTube videos.

how to get subtitles on youtube 

 so friends, first of all after coming on your YouTube studio beta. the desktop you have to come in videos in which all of your channels. the video is shown after coming here in which video you want to add subtitle. simply tap on that video, like I have a video "Best skin-friendly trimmer" so simply I will tap on this pencil icon.

 but after a tap on the pencil icon, I have 2 options from which I can add subtitle 1st is of "Subtitle" and 2nd go in more option and when come slightly down. you will get to see the "Upload Subtitle" option so see what is uploaded subtitle?

 if we add subtitles by any friend or by money in our YouTube community. if you want to upload caption on YouTube so that subtitle will add in our video. in 1 sec then simply we tap on upload subtitle and we will get the option of upload here. you can see with timing and without timing but the without timing option.

 we are unable to tap it and what is its reason because of the Hindi language. we have this doesn't support auto timing so if you tap English here. means the video we have is in the English language and if you have the English language in your video only. enable it than ever so Your video is Hindi and you add English subtitle. in it, this way it is wrong so see, after coming here as I ON it so I can add subtitle without timing.

 is well so we will talk further about it what are subtitles with timing and without timing currently. we pick the main language of our video.  Friends, I add my subtitle to someone else because I don't have enough time to add subtitles in my videos. so if you also want to add subtitles in your video without your time-wasting. you don't want to invest much time in this so currently. so currently the language of our video I will pick it and that language is Hindi.

how to get subtitles on youtube videos

 so I tap on Hindi okay, and after a tap on Hindi. I will go in the subtitle as I go in subtitles here you can see some options here tube buddy is telling me. that the main audience I have is watching Hindi 92% then Punjabi then Arabic. and very less to see the English language which is not good for me so if I want to add subtitles in English.

 so simply I will tap on Add language before tap on Add language take one more thing that you have turned ON. this community contribution what is the benefit of this if someone like your video very much and he know 2 different language. like Hindi and English so if he wants to add community contribution or subtitles free in your video according. to his choice which you can add in your video after reviewing it so currently.

 we don't have that subtitle what we do simply? we will do add language in our video after a tap on add language. I will choose the language in which we have to add subtitles. I have to do it in English so I will go to English(India) and tap it after taping. it you will get to see a new tag where English(India) has written and here. Title and description and Subtitles so, first of all, you will add title and description so see you will paste the same English subtitle.

 that you have here and you have to simply copy the description and paste it here now. if you had written this in Hindi then we will write here in English. by translating but it was already in English so I will publish. it so currently subtitles are showing in our videos but we haven't given data to YouTube. that what are the English subtitles of our videos.

 so we go in Add option and see if your video language is English, Apart from the Hindi language So directly without adding English. here you can tap on the Add button and can directly add English subtitles. so I will go to the tap in front of English(India) and after adding Title and description. I will tap on Subtitles as I tap then something like this interface.

 will come in front of you where again you will get to see Upload a file. about which I have told you already so if teamwork with you then you can upload a file and in 1 second. you can add subtitles to your videos. Friends, after that we have "Transcribe and auto sink" now what is this let me tell you here it is clearly written. "Type or paste in a full transcript of the video and subtitles timing. will set automatically".

it means everything you have spoken in your video. you have to type directly and timing will add automatically, what you have told in which seconds and what you haven't told in which seconds so this work only in our video main language. which is Hindi so Transcript and auto sink will not work in the Hindi language. let me tell you first if you have the English language only then it support so currently, you can face.

 some trouble if you are adding English subtitles the best way you have is "Create new subtitles or CC" so you have to simply tap here see as you tap here. a new editor will in front of you as you can see here as you come to this editor. it can look complicated to you and the first work you have you will remove the Auto-generated timing. why see here carefully here many Auto-generated tiles are given to you where different timing.

 are shown to you so according to this timing. it looks strange and time will also consume more so first of all. I will remove them so after removing, from here all tiles have been removed and now we will play our video. and wherever we need to add subtitle we will directly type here. and tiles will automatically add go on so we will play the video. okay, "Friends if you are thinking to buy a new trimmer" so I have told till here.

 so I will write whatever its English translation is "Hello Friends"  so look like this has come "Hello Friends if you are going to buy it.  it starts from here so we will adjust it to here. and see when your work is done here. then your tiles are starting to come here now. here we have added a tile by mistake and it is not useful to us so if you want to remove this tile so simply.

 tap on that tile which you want to remove and here. you go you will get 2 different options 1st one is for Cut by tap here. you can cut this and after that, we have the option of (+) plus by tapping it you can add next tile. of 4 to 5 seconds as a new tile come here so see what I have told next.  so here we have told, "if you are thinking to buy a new trimmer".

 "so don't buy it without watching this complete video" so I will come here and simply type...  currently my mind is on video editing so if you are seeing keyboard typing mistake. then avoid it so here I have written. "So please don't buy new trimmer without watching this video" same as that you can add complete subtitles in your video.

 till here I have told "I had ordered a new trimmer" so you can adjust it by coming here on Timeline and you can see the time here. you can see here and a scale here is also given. you can also watch this here this is completely done. there is one option of Zooming you will get if you want to see the complete video. with the minority that how many subtitles, you have added how much % work.

 you have done so you can do Zoom in & Zoom out "Pause while typing" if you keep enable it so when you type then your video will pause automatically. and as you disable it then your typing and video both run which I don't like so keep it always ON this. is your complete work and let consider you have type many subtitles. and when the subtitle completely adds then how they look.

 let me show you I have many videos where I have a lot of subtitles added I don't do that personally. I get this done by my team and you too can get my team done. if you want to know I have already given you information about that in Description you can check there. so see in which videos we have subtitles adding like this Facebook video. I will go there and here I go to English and after going here.

 I go on Edit on classic studio so you can see subtitles will look something like this after adding as you can see here these all subtitles are given here you can edit them later. if you won't let me show you so that you can understand everything. that how subtitle looks after adding see when subtitles add completely. then they look something like this as you can see here okay.

 so your main work after adding subtitles is tap on Action and download them. because if you do not download them and by mistake your subtitle or video. got deleted by you then you have a backup file and you add again. those subtitles are taping of upload a file which I like very much. so see here all work is done now. when all of your this work is done then you need to do your work faster.

 and for doing faster work You Tube has given you. very good shortcuts you will go to keyboard shortcuts. and different shortcuts you can see where you can "Shift + left" rewind 1 second Forward 1 second pause. and play video add a new line, edit the next subtitle edited the previous subtitle add the subtitle you get to see different types. of 7-8 shortcuts with the help of these, you can add your subtitle faster so guys.

 this is the complete tutorial on how you can add subtitles in your videos. in different ways and friends, you still think adding subtitles in your videos. how not to do I have given all information regarding this you can check there. so friends, according to me after watching this article no doubt will left in your mind. that how can you add subtitles in your YouTube videos so that's it in today's video.

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