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how to get rid of worms in humans

  Gopal Pramanik      

Now the question is what are worms?

Almost all of us have been infected by worms at some point. Although small and big.

humans body worm

How many types of worms are there?

Worms are multicellular parasites that can be seen with the naked eye. Their main habitat is the human body. Worms are mainly of two types tapeworms and roundworms.

Let's come first, where is the tapeworm.

Tapeworms nest in the bodies of certain animals. Tapeworms are not spoiled if not boiled at high temperatures. So eating the half-cooked meat of any large animal can cause worms to nest in the human stomach.

Beef contains tinea magenta. They nest in the stomach but usually do not cause any problems. But sometimes when the vegetables are not washed properly, the eggs of this type of worm enter the stomach and transform into larvae and these larvae can nest in the muscles and brain of the body.

This is especially the case with tinea solium and the problem is called cysticercosis. In this case, symptoms of many other diseases of the brain including seizures can occur.

Another notable tapeworm is Echinococcus. Whose eggs enter our body mainly through dog fur and transform into larvae inside the liver and form cysts or water-filled sacs. Its name is Hydatid Cyst.

In addition, some tapeworms breed inside the liver and can cause jaundice and liver problems. Often a type of tapeworm (cystostomy) can cause problems by nesting inside the bladder and liver. They enter our bodies mainly through snails living in unclean water bodies.

Prevention and Remedy -

First, don't eat half-cooked meat in any way. Vegetables need to be washed and eaten very well. If you have a dog at home, it is advisable to consult a veterinarian regularly. It is also important to feed the dog regular worm medicine. Keep the pond clean. A doctor's advice is very important if you are infected with this type of worm. Many times treatment may also be required.

Now let's talk about roundworms

The most common of the common worms are Ascaris, which is a large roundworm, hookworm, trichuriasis or whipworm, inter bias, or pinworm. They enter our bodies mainly through defecation. Roundworm eggs enter our bodies through unclean nature and defecation in the field.

As a result of their reproduction, symptoms of malnutrition, anemia, irregular bowel movements, heartburn, indigestion, etc. are manifested. Pinworms are one of the leading causes of rectal itching in children and adults. Among them, the larvae of hookworm enter the human body through the skin.

When we walk barefoot in the field and defecate in the field, its larvae enter our body through the skin. Some roundworms cause filariasis through mosquito bites. In this case, mosquitoes called Culex, which grows in dirty water, carry its germs and the adult worms nest in the lymph glands of human beings, causing swelling of the legs or gout.

In rare cases, a roundworm named Loa also nests in the eyes. It is very important to follow basic hygiene rules. In other words, it is very important to defecate and then wash your hands well. Cut your nails short, wash your hands before eating, etc. In addition, the patient should take worm medicine according to the doctor's advice.


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