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Do not do exercise, pranayama, yoga in any disease?

  Gopal Pramanik      
Where there is 'body fit so you hit'. And to keep the body healthy, a pair of exercises match the weight. However, exercise should not be done during an illness. It is the opposite. Again, not all types of exercise or physical exercise can be done in all diseases. Let's take a look at some ailments, exercise, pranayama, which should not be added.

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Back pain:- If someone has back pain, be it arthritis or any other reason, they are forbidden to lean forward. In that case, no exercise can be done leaning forward. Such as - Soak Pranayama, FreeHand Exercise. If or lean, very little. One-third. Even if you can't exercise, you can do all the pranayama. Again, since blood circulation is increased in the forehead, it is very good for those who have back pain or spondylitis.

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Spondylitis of the neck:- For those who have spondylitis in the neck, all the exercises can be done by leaning on the back. The front cannot be bent. Such westernization cannot be done.

High blood pressure:- Patients with high blood pressure need to follow special guidelines for forehead relief. In this case, Kapalbhati has to be done very slowly. Rest for at least five to six seconds before giving two stocks. If the forehead is very fast, the blood circulation increases. As a result, the head may feel dizzy. May cause dizziness. For patients with high blood pressure, headaches are very harmful.

Knee pain:- For those who are suffering from knee pain, doctors recommend straightening and bending their legs. But, it will be the opposite if you do not take clothes below the knee while doing it.

Asthma or shortness of breath:- Patients with colds, coughs, asthma, or respiratory problems should not be ingested. Because this exercise should be done in an open space. So they have to tie cloth or muffler around their necks and ears. Especially on cold days. In the same way, you have to be careful while piercing the moon. However, they can be sunburned.

Yoga to control high blood pressure, sugar, cholesterol, thyroid

Prostate problems:- Patients with hernia or prostate problems need to take special care when Kopalbhati piercing. These patients need to be tied with a towel under the navel. Hernia patients are prohibited from exercising leaning backward. However, they can lean forward.

Cancer:- People who have prostate cancer should not do pranayama or agnizes. Exercise or pranayama is recommended for those who have cancer in the body.

Liver, appendix problems:- For those who have an enlarged liver or an appendix problem, it is forbidden to have a Westminster. Because this exercise is to lean forward and prevent the head of the foot. After the pressure on the stomach. Sagittarius and liver hernia patients can not be done.

Heart Problems:- Patients with a weak heart or high blood pressure should not do savasana (front or back bending).

Gastric ulcer:- Mayurasana, Bokason is strictly forbidden for these patients.

Migraine:- It is not good to treat sinus or migraine patients.

Dysentery:- Bhujangasana can not be done if you suffer from diarrhea. Bakar on the back means putting more pressure on the abdomen.

Fever:- At this time the body is weak. So you have to understand the body and exercise. Otherwise, the body may become weaker.

During pregnancy, you should not do forehead exercises or lean forward too much.

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