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chicken pox symptoms and treatment

  Gopal Pramanik      

What is a disease?


Chickenpox is a type of viral infection. The virus is called varicella-zoster.

What time of year is it?

The disease can occur at any time of the year. However, the incidence of this disease increases with the change of seasons. As a result, there is a risk of contracting the disease in the spring.

Who is more at risk of this disease?

Children have very low immunity. As a result, children are more affected by this disease. However, older people who have not been vaccinated against the disease are also at risk of getting chickenpox.

What are the symptoms of the disease?


It takes about 12 to 16 days for varicella-zoster to grow and become active. After the last two to three days of the incubation period, the disease becomes contagious.

Now let's look at the symptoms - there is a lot of pain in the body, hands, feet, head. Colds coughs. Then the whole body began to rash. A rash can also come out inside the throat.

The rashes are fluid and reddish. If the rash ruptures, small wounds may form. The rash usually lasts for 5 to 10 days. Someone itches again. Then it stays dry. However, the patient has to rest for two to three weeks even after the rash has disappeared.

Is this disease very contagious?

Yes, that's right. The virus can enter the body of a healthy person through the air or through the saliva of a patient. This means that the virus can also be spread in the air through sneezing and coughing.

From there, there is a risk of entering the body of a healthy person. Again, saliva juice gets on the clothes of the patient and from there the virus can be transmitted to other people's bodies.

So if someone in the family has this disease, he has to be kept in a separate room. The patient's belongings should be separated. Only those who have been vaccinated against chickenpox or have had chickenpox before can serve the patient.

Others can go to the patient about 10 days after the rash comes out. However, after 5 to 10 days, the rashes remain dry and the scabs start to leave. There is also a risk of spreading the infection from these scabs.

So if the resh is dry, keep the scalp separate. Burn the scalp on a piece of paper and burn it. And if you have chickenpox, go out of the house after three weeks, socialize with healthy people.

What is the treatment?


You have to rest at home for 2 to 3 weeks. Eat plenty of fluids. There is no cure for chickenpox. Symptomatic medications are given. That is, medicine to reduce fever in case of fever, medicine for cold in case of cold. But yes, it has to be clean and tidy. So you have to bathe in lukewarm water every day with antiseptic soap. Anti-allergic tablets should be given in case of a rash.

There is a risk of scars on the skin if the rash is scratched?

During this time the body's immune system is low. As a result, if the resh is removed, there is a risk of another infection. So the patient is given anti-allergic tablets to reduce the itching. Calamine lotion can also be applied to the skin. It also reduces itching.

Is there any benefit in bathing in coconut water?

Neem and turmeric have antiseptic properties. So there is no problem in bathing in thin neem-yellow soaked water. And drinking coconut water will be more beneficial than bathing in coconut water.

Why are you told to be very careful if you have chickenpox?

One has to be very careful as the body's immune system is weakened. If not, the patient is at risk of pneumonia, bronchitis. In addition, some people have digestive problems. Therefore it is better to follow the rules.

If you have chickenpox, do you eat vegetarian?

Chickenpox patients will eat normal food. Eat pulses, vegetables, rice. No problem. Just don't eat extra spicy and oily food. Digestive problems may arise. Moreover, many patients have rashes on the inside of the mouth and lips.

As a result, the patient cannot eat much. So after the body becomes weak. After that, playing a vegetarian makes the body weaker. So if the patient wants, he can eat one sweet every day if he does not have diabetes. It is better to eat something like hot soup.

What is the way to prevent the disease?

Getting vaccinated against chickenpox is the best way to prevent it.

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