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Benefits of Hand Exercise, Fitness 2020

  Gopal Pramanik      

                       Types of Exercises

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There are certain types of exercises based on work. Such as - remedial exercises (to relieve the disease), fitness exercises (to keep the body active), general obesity management exercises (to reduce fatigue), etc. There are again three parts to exercise for disease relief. They are - isotonic exercises, isometric exercises. 

Isotonic exercise is more about limb movement. In medical terms, it is called, Range of Motion. That movement can be handy. It can also be on the shoulders, waist, or knees. In addition, isokinetic exercises are performed using ‘pressure’. Patients with spondylitis find this type of exercise very beneficial. Again, isometric exercises are required to reduce pain in the lower back and lower back.

These three types of exercises are very effective in curing diseases. This relaxes the muscles in the body as well as blood circulation is normal. There are various breathing and stretching exercises.

What exercise for any disease?

                        Deep breathing with chest expansion

Stand up straight and put your hands straight in front. Now take a deep breath and spread your arms along your shoulders and inflate your chest. Bring the hand back to the previous position while exhaling again. This exercise can be done while sitting in a comfortable position, that is, as a babu, or by standing with arms outstretched on both sides. This exercise is extremely beneficial for patients with lung problems, asthma, and even COPD.

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                      Fractional Expansion of Spine

With deep breathing: Inhale slowly through the nose. But, you have to take a deep breath. So that the whole cage of the chest becomes swollen. Through this exercise, three things are done together. On the one hand, just as the health of the spine will be good, so will the lungs be fresh. Breathing - The process of breathing will also be normal. General mobility will also increase.

                   Deep breathing with folding hands

Stand up straight and bring both hands from the elbows to the chest so that the hands are in the same straight line. Now open both hands to take a breath and straighten it along the shoulder and return to the previous position while exhaling.

                                                     Neck exercise

Try to rotate the head as far as possible towards the right shoulder while taking a deep breath while standing or sitting. Straighten your head while exhaling. Do this ten times. Tilt the head back once to take a deep breath while standing or sitting again and straighten the head while exhaling.

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                                                 Stretching Exercise

Stretching exercises are one of the remedial exercises. These are very effective for spondylitis or other knee pain. Not only weight loss but regular stretching also increases the flexibility of the body. As a result, the risk of injury is reduced. It improves blood circulation and removes fat from different parts. 

                                          SLR or straight leg raising

Exercise: This exercise is very effective for knee pain. Increases the flexibility of the patient's legs, especially after knee surgery SLR. In addition to this, this exercise strengthens the muscles in the front part of the thigh.

                                        There is no need to be careful

When and how often exercise should be done, whether sitting or standing, depends entirely on the patient concerned and his disease. However, ordinary people take the problem. However, if one wants to do this type of exercise to cure a disease, one must seek the advice of an experienced physician. Otherwise, the risk of the opposite is much higher. What kind of disease has occurred, how serious the symptoms of the disease, it must be seen. Physicians also have to check the physical ability of the patient.


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