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Allergies in the spring

  Gopal Pramanik      

What are allergies?

Allergies in the spring

If people are more sensitive to something, that is allergy. It is a personal characteristic of every human being. Suppose any dust or flower pollen floating in the air enters our body through the nose.

As the walls of the airways become very sensitive, various secretions start to form in the tissues there. This results in different types of reactions. Such as shortness of breath, chest tightness, red eyes, runny nose, etc. These are the symptoms of allergies. However, different allergies have different symptoms.

Are allergies more common in spring?

No one knows if the tendency to allergies increases or decreases during this time. There are no specific rules. In some cases the allergy problem may increase, in some cases, it may decrease.

It all depends on the specific person. During this time, as one's breathing difficulty increases, one's decrease decreases. Someone is the same again. For this, not only allergies but also temperature differences and dust-washing can cause various problems.

Especially in spring, new flowers come on the tree. Wandering around, a lot of flowers. The pollen of the grass, floating in the air, enters our nose, eyes, and lungs.

Due to this many dangers are seen many times. It can also cause allergies. Those who are hypersensitive to those allergies may also try. However, spring means that the tendency to allergies will increase, so no one can say for sure.

What precautions are important?

First of all, there is no need to panic, thinking that there may be allergies. In case of seasonal allergies, all precautionary measures should be taken at least 15 days before the due date.

If a medicine is needed, it should be continued till the end of the season as advised by the doctor. However, depending on what kind of symptoms are appearing, preventive measures should be taken.

As many people have itchy eyes, they sneeze repeatedly. In this situation, the person should take anti-allergy drops or take necessary medicines. Someone is having trouble breathing at this time.

They should be left with the inhaler. Anyone can be allergic to any other place. They need to keep this in mind and consciously avoid shots. However, there are no set rules for what causes allergies.

In many cases, allergies can be caused by certain foods, different creams or junk jewelry, dust mites, painkillers, or antibiotics. Then almost everyone plays with colors. It contains different types of chemicals. It can cause various skin problems. It can also cause allergies.

allergies in the spring
Allergies in the spring

How do I understand the problem due to allergies?

Certain environments - Be a little more careful if similar situations start to occur. If necessary, the advice of a doctor can be taken. With a little experimentation, the matter becomes clear. However, there is a certain type of problem that arises or starts with the change of seasons. If you are careful at that time, the problem of allergies can be controlled a lot.

Why are allergies?

1. Due to some features of the day.
2. Due to environmental reasons.
There are two types of allergies. Seasonal and perennial.
 If you are allergic to flower pollen only in autumn or spring, it is called seasonal allergy.
An allergy that lasts all year round is called perennial.

Allergy treatment?

Treatment of allergies is basically in three steps. The first step is to ask the patient about his or her history. In other words, the doctor finds out what is causing the allergy and whether it is increasing during the change of seasons.

This is an attempt to diagnose the cause of allergies. The second stage of treatment is a skin peak test and a blood test called a radio allergens test to determine the cause of the allergy.

The treatment starts at the very last step. In this case, it is advisable to eliminate the cause of allergies from life. Besides, the doctor also gave some medicines as required.

Allergy medications

If symptoms of allergy appear in the body, it is initially treated with anti-histamine. In many cases mediator drugs such as leukocysteine, prosta glass and are applied.

If the problem is complicated, it is often treated with steroids. In short, medicines are given as needed to understand the situation. But in these cases do not take the medicine yourself. Seek the help or advice of a specialist.

This is because many people start having shortness of breath after using anti-allergic drugs. After being forced to apply steroids.


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