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This company started 'WORK FROM HOME' for life

  Gopal Pramanik      

He told me not to come to the office anymore

2020 work from home

The lockdown has been going on for almost two months, now work from home is going on in all corporate offices. The government has also become a relentless servant to stop the corona attack. Many have become accustomed to the 'WORK FROM HOME' during the lockdown. When the lockdown is over, it is a short holiday to go to the office as before.

twitter start work from home

No need to come to the office

'TWITTER' said that when the lockdown goes up, it is necessary to come to the office. This is what 'TWITTER' announced on Wednesday.

What did TWITTER say?

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey gave employees the option to work from home even after the corona virus epidemic has subsided. Employees will not have to come to the office even if the office opens.

twitter updates covid-19

 He said no office was expected to open before September for the corona virus epidemic. So this company has already started the system of 'work from home'.

What other benefits did the employees get?

Twitter reported that for almost two months of lockdown, employees have proven that they are able to work equally well from home. So if all the office work can be done in a healthy way from home, then the employees do not need to come to the office. So this company started arranging lifelong work at home.

start work from home 2020

After opening the office, the willing worker will be able to work from home. He also said that the decision of which employee will work from home and which employee will come to work in the office can be taken by him

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