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The board clarified about the 12th class examination. CBSE Board Exam

  Gopal Pramanik      

Closed test is not likely to be canceled:

CBSE board exam 2020

CBSE BOARD has stopped Class XII examination due to corona virus. The Central Board of Education has clearly stated that the closed examination will not be canceled. According to board sources, discussions are underway on new rules for the exam. A new date will be announced after the lockdown.

Corona virus infection:

The lockdown continues till May 31 to prevent it. The first phase of the lockdown, i.e. on March 24, the CBSE closed the 10th and 12th class examinations, then on April 1 the CBSE announced the closure of the examinations. The Board will conduct examinations in Class XII subjects only. Tenth class exams will be canceled this year, those who take exams from abroad will no longer be taken.

CBSE BOARD reported:

Discussions are still going on about the closed exams, the exam day will be announced on May 3 considering the situation. In north-east Delhi, the CBSE will conduct a number of tests for 10th and 12th class students who could not take the test due to the corona virus.

Tenth grade subject:

Hindi Language First Paper, Hindi Language Second Paper, English Communication, English Language and Literature, Science and Social Science.

Twelfth grade subject:

English, Mathematics, Economics, Biology, Political Science, History, Physics, Accounting, Chemistry.

The CBSE will announce the new schedule 10 days before the start of the test.

The Board of Secondary Education or CBSE is thinking of creating a syllabus for the next academic year keeping in mind the time wasted by students from class IX to XII due to the corona virus. The board is currently trying to evaluate the test due to Covid-19.

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