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Prime Minister Modi said what benefits we will get from today

  Gopal Pramanik      
Corona virus epidemic is going on all over the world, for this virus our country first observed a public curfew and then a 21-day lockdown. In his speech on April 14, our Prime Minister (Narendra Modi) said that this lockdown will last till May 3 considering the country and the people of the country. But from today, some things will be discounted, he said. The people of the country (Stay Home Stay Safe) will be under strict security even if there is a waiver.


What are the benefits: -
Ration shops will remain open and fish and meat shops will remain open. Vegetables Fruits Big Hardware Shopping Mall Export Import Factory Chain Supply Company Workers who get their own work. Medical Doctor Clinic Pharma will remain open. Ecommerce companies will also be open but they will not take orders for everything. They will only take orders such as -Pharma, Medicine, Mask, Sanitize, and all household appliances.

What are the benefits of ecommerce: -
Amazon Flipkart will take orders from Snapdeal such as Pharma, Medicine, Mask, Sanitize as well as electronics such as Laptop, Mobile, Tv, Refrigetor, even the necessary clothes for the people, they said.

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