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Male Infertility

  Gopal Pramanik      

Why can't men be fathers?

male sex problem

The number of men unable to produce children is increasing. This problem is not just that of our country. Male infertility around the world. One of the reasons is environmental pollution. Judging by the number theory, women and men are equal in terms of infertility.

Sperm abnormalities are increasing along with many other diseases due to global warming and radically changing lifestyles. And the sperm count is decreasing.

Sperm analysis of boys showed that as the amount of sperm decreased, so did its quality.

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In general, 80 to 120 million dynamic studies per cc semen have shown that having 20 million sperm per cc semen or a little less sperm is not a problem for men to have a father.

However, when the number of sperm drops to less than ten million, the problem arises. In that case, there is no way but to take the help of assisted productivity.

They can easily become fathers with the help of IVF. Technology is now so advanced that even if the sperm count stops as the number of sperm decreases, there is no reason to be frustrated.

For all these reasons, men are hindered from becoming fathers

female infertility

1. Sexually transmitted diseases and infections also have the potential to reduce sperm count and motility.

2. Fertilization is not possible if the morphology of the sperm is not normal.

3. With age, the number and motility of sperm in the semen gradually decreases. Just as girls have menopause, boys have menopause. So if you decide to produce children at the right time, there is no problem.

4. Diabetes and hypertension and if not treated properly, there is a possibility of impotence or impotence.

5. One of the reasons for excess weight and lack of exercise.

Start treatment quickly

female infertility sex problem

If an infertility problem is seen, treatment needs to be started at the beginning. Everyone knows that girls have to go to a gynecologist. But when it comes to infertility due to men, many people are confused about where to go.

Know that men and women can treat infertility properly, an infertility specialist. The sooner treatment can be started, the fewer complications there will be.

If you have a problem like azoospermia or oligospermia, you have to find out the cause first. If it is seen that sperm is being produced but it cannot come out for any abstraction. Then the problem is removed by removing the barrier.

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