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Liquor, the state earned crores of rupees by selling 1 day's liquor

  Gopal Pramanik      

The 70 percent tax on alcohol is also a long line


The government stopped everything for the Corona epidemic, then slowly gave up some things for the countrymen. Liquor Shop opened on Monday. Intoxication lovers jumped in, long lines running for hours. Forget about the corona virus, now think of intoxication and intoxication. Somewhere the police baton charge, somewhere the fight again, this is how drug lovers buy alcohol.

Drugs cost crores of rupees

Alcohol prices have been increased by 70 percent in all states, including West Bengal. Yet the way people are buying wine by the line, it doesn’t seem like the price has gone up. Shopkeepers seem to be making good money selling alcohol. The state earns good money by selling liquor. The state earned crores of rupees due to corona and lockdown.


He made money by selling wine

Take a look at how much money a state earns by selling alcohol. Uttar Pradesh - 1 day 31 thousand 518 crore. Karnataka - 1 day 20 thousand 950 crore. 16 thousand 46 crore in Maharashtra-1 day. West Bengal-1 day 11 thousand 84 crore. Telangana-1 day 10 thousand 901 crore. After being closed for 42 consecutive days, the blue state averaged a record at the beginning. This news was given by the traders.
liquor shop reopen

Increase store opening hours

Sushmita Mukherjee, assistant secretary to hotel owners, said the state had a good income on Monday. The government has already imposed an 70 percent tax on liquor prints, with no difference on income.

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