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Evening or Morning Walk

  Gopal Pramanik      


evening walk

When to walk? It would be foolish to answer in this way. Because there is an addition to walking with the level of dust accumulation in the air. Therefore, it is better to walk when there is less dust in the air.


As such, the level of dust in the air is less in the morning. There is less traffic. The problem is, the weather gets cold again in the morning. The wind is heavy. As a result, air pollutants also fall to the ground.

So even if there is less dust, the effect of pollution on the body is not less. In the afternoon there is more dust in the air, the level of traffic is higher.

When to walk?

morning work to health

When to walk is not a big deal. The big question is whether you have enough time to walk without hindrance. If you have time, you can walk in the morning, you can walk in the afternoon.

Now if someone says, I have time to walk twice, then? In that case the question will be what kind of physical benefit does the person want to walk for?

Do you want to get the overall benefits of the body or do you also want the muscles to grow with it? It has been seen that it is better to exercise in the afternoon to increase the effectiveness of the muscles.

walk is daily

In addition, the lung function is good from four to five in the afternoon. As a result, walking at this time is beneficial. In the afternoon, the body is warmed up.

Walking does not have to get special speed. Walking in the afternoon again can relieve the fatigue of the whole day. It is also good to walk in the afternoon in winter. The risk of catching a cold is low. On the other hand, it is comfortable to take a walk in the morning in summer.

Where to walk?

Choose a place to walk where you don't have to stand repeatedly or walk at the same pace for a long time without interruption. Walk on flat ground.

Walking in such a rugged place can cause injury to the legs and there is a risk of stumbling. Walking speed may be disrupted.

How to walk?

morning to evening daily walk

A normal healthy person has to walk with a bang. In general, the body sweats while walking.

How long are you going to walk?
Normally you should walk for 35 to 40 minutes. You have to walk five days a week. If possible, walk every day of the week. In that case the metabolic rate of the body will increase. Hunger will also increase. Food will be digested. Weight will also increase. It will also reduce the risk of nerve disease.

Anxiety will be reduced. The mood will be good. Remember, walking moves all the muscles in the body. Decreased blood cholesterol levels. Increases good cholesterol levels.

walk to daily

Blood pressure decreases. Even if you have joint disease, a little walking maintains the mobility of various joints. Even those whose heart does not work well will get better results if they follow the doctor's advice.

Walking improves the neurological circuit of the heart. As a result, the heart will not be able to stop working in a hurry.


Not only sound education but his alertness and dedication too are most required. Vegetables should be kept in the leaves. Reduce the intake of carbohydrate foods like rice, bread, potatoes. The funny thing is,

If you are in the habit of walking, you will gradually come to restraint in food. Encourages healthy living. So start walking today.

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