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Banana Leaf Body Spa

  Gopal Pramanik      


banana leaf body spa

The time is coming when the sheet of being frozen will be removed and Surya Mama will put his paw on the heroic glory. At least three months comfortable. After enjoying the winter season, many people are suffering from mental depression just by thinking of enduring intense heat.

Fatigue is not leaving laziness behind. The way to get rid of this problem is body spa. This not only relaxes our body, but also our mind. This body spa is done in a scientific way using natural ingredients. We've heard of many body spas. But Banana Leaf Body Spa, is completely different.

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Let's find out about Banana Leaf Body Spa

It is very difficult to find people who do not suffer from mental fatigue, laziness and fatigue. As our face grows, so does our skin. And the joulus disappears. Pain in the body increases. The oxygen supply to the cells decreases. The result is fatigue and laziness.

The dead cells of the skin accumulate in layers and obstruct the breathing of the skin. Bacteria are caused by dead cells. Banana Leaf Body Spa plays an invaluable role in solving these problems.


Banana leaves are rich in polyphenols, such as epiglutectin gallate, abbreviated EGCG. It is also found in green tea. Banana leaves also have anti-oxidant properties.

It protects the cells of our body from free-radicals. Outbreaks appear to be exacerbated during cancer, heart disease, arteriosclerosis, and premature aging of the skin. In that case, taking banana leaf body spa regularly will increase the performance.

The lost radiance of the skin will return and the skin will become beautiful and smooth. The liveliness will return. It will feel as if you have become soaked in the softness of nature. Body and mind will become fresh. Needless to say, the taste of mora food in banana leaves is delicious.


What are the benefits of Banana Leaf Body Spa

Through the Banana Leaf Body Spa, his blood circulation is restored. And is removed. This body spa is a great way to reduce back pain, neck pain and leg pain. Banana Leaf Body Spa is made with a variety of high quality essential oils and extracts. It is very comfortable.

There is relaxation in the body. Relaxes the muscles and nerves of the body through massage. As a result, the numbness of the body is removed. Exfoliation removes mora cells from the body and restores radiance. This spa removes suntan, is toxin free.

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What is the method of body spa

First the body is cleaned with mineral water. Body exfoliation scrubbers with exfoliation essential extractors are then used. Which sheds dead skin cells and gives radiance to the skin. Organic massages with a variety of essential oils are offered.

After the massage a body mask is applied. The whole body is wrapped with a banana leaf left in the sun for a while by applying essential oil on the body mask.

This condition is left for a while. The banana leaves are then slowly peeled off and given a spa bath. As a result, all the fatigue is removed and the body is refreshed.

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As the levels of the stress hormone cortisel in the body decrease, so does the stress. Reduces anxiety. Good sleep. From the tension of study, the tension of examination, the tension of job, there is no end to the tension of housewives in Attapur.

So if you want to get rid of tension, any age group can take Banana Leaf Body Spa. Stress will decrease. Body aches will be relieved from pain. As well as the lost radiance of the skin will return.

Even taking one a month is enough. However, this spa should be taken under the supervision of a skilled beautician. So that the touch of his experienced hand can get rid of all the problems. And even on this burning day, you can be in a very cheerful mood.

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